Jimmy Whispers | Pitchfork 2015

James Cicero, frontman of the Chicago quartet Light Pollution, recently released his first solo project under the moniker Jimmy Whispers. The story of his pseudonym originates from his tendency toward a shy and quiet demeanor as a child. Cicero has since embraced his childhood nickname, resurfacing with his debut release, Summer in Pain. The LP is a catchy, lo-fi journey into the world of both blossoming love and agonizing heartache.

Summer in Pain can loosely be categorized as a concept album, as each track catalogs the highs and lows of romance, including the pain of unrequited love. The album also has a voyeuristic quality as Whispers belts snippets of inner dialogue between songs. His childlike tirades are honest and raw, centered around the urgency of his emotions. Whisper’s lyrics are sweet and simplistic, backed by electronic drum loops and synth-pop melodies that are sure to capture your heart this summer.