Choose Your Own Adventure 7.8 | Lockjaw Magazine

Warm pus continues to seep from the back of your head as instinct takes over once again. The remaining screws collide with the wooden floor while you desperately make your way back to the bedroom. The smell of putrid smoke returns as the door finally gives way.

TAPTAP-TAPTAP-TAPTAP. The rhythmic pounding hits you like a ton of bricks, sending you head first into the wall.

Just keep going, you’re almost there. The air feels hot and electric now, as if the entire house was encased in a live wire. Your vision narrows, but there is a faint green light in your periphery. You fight the urge to turn around, pulling yourself up the wall with raw hands. The ground suddenly turns soft beneath your feet; you glance down and see a thin layer of dirt with those damn coins strewn about. I’m almost there, just a few more feet.

Your vision is almost entirely gone, so you decide to close your eyes and feel your way to the door. You take one last look around you and shut your eyes tight. The light is brighter now, and the back of your eyelids glow with a fluorescent green. The sound of scraping metal echoes down the hall as you grasp wildly at the door knob. Instead, you find that the door is gone, and the entire floor is covered in dirt.