Rad Raygun | TRU FUN Entertainment

It's the year 198X, and there is only one robot hero that can save us from Medved and his evil Soviet robots: Rad Raygun. The President has entrusted Raygun to stop the Soviet Union and to spread freedom and democracy. His adventure takes him around the world to places like the Berlin Wall and even Irafganistan. And the game's appeal isn't just its Game Boy influence - it's peppered with humorous references and clever design. The enemies aren't just the run of the mill bad guys. They’re often bizarre and imaginative, which only adds to the charm of this classic styled platformer. And there’s plenty of bizarre references of yesteryear (Devo hats, anyone?) for fans of the 80's and those old enough to remember.

However, the downside is that the game is pretty short - short enough to finish in one sitting. And although you can skip ahead to any one of the five levels, you'll quickly see it's best to play them in order with all of your power-ups in tow. But the short playtime doesn't compromise the overall experience. There are numerous upgrades and items to collect through your wild 80's adventures. And the cheeky cut scenes and pop culture references will provide some chuckles along the way.

Rad Raygun provides a really authentic experience of the old handheld down to the smallest details from the screen transitions to the sound effects. And the excellent soundtrack by chiptune artist, Fantomenk, will motivate you to blast through those Soviet baddies. Considering the level of polish and affordable price (just 80 MSP) this game is a steal. If you’re looking for a solid and entertaining retro gaming experience, Rad Raygun will hardly disappoint.