Viet Cong | Pitchfork 2015

Canadian quartet, Viet Cong, have emerged from the ashes after Women’s indefinite hiatus in 2010. Formed by ex-Women vocalist/bassist, Matt Flegel, and drummer, Mike Wallace, Viet Cong is an edgier, more raw incarnation with a haunting intensity. Their post-punk energy is laced with catchy riffs and retro-pop sensibilities, but carries an undeniably darker tone compared to their previous releases.

The band’s latest self-titled release from earlier this year deviates slightly from past projects, adding a touch of dissonance to their trademark driving bass lines and infectious melodies. Flegel’s howling vocals and Wallace’s pulsing, tribal-like beats are still prominent in their sound, but now features more experimentation and flair for the avant-garde.

Viet Cong is a strong sophomore effort that’s garnered a great deal of attention for its sinister tone and intensity that’s punctuated by dark, droning guitars and hypnotic melodies that stick with you long after the first listen.